Today we present our Agretti!

Jul 17,2019 Mattia Paparella
Agretti (Salsola Soda), also known as "frate beard", are a super "light" food (17 cal / 100g). The important amount of water contained in the agretti means that their main property is purifying and the good amount of vitamins is useful for eye and bone health. CURIOSITY: In the past, the burning of Salsola Soda plants was one of the main methods to obtain sodium carbonate, soda. OUR COUNCIL IN THE KITCHEN: • Clean the agretti • Boil them for about 7 minutes in salted water • Put the garlic in a pan over high heat with the extra virgin olive oil • Sauté the chopped anchovy fillets in the oil and let them cook until they are dissolved • Add the boiled and well-drained monk's beard • Stir fry everything for a few minutes and your monk beard with anchovies is ready to be served with a dash of lemon.
Mattia Paparella

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