Yes absolutely! If you have a bar, a restaurant or a shop, contact us immediately to plan an appointment!

One of the main reasons we work constantly with the best Italian producers is the loyalty of the relationship, a fundamental aspect to which we care a lot.
This is why we update our suppliers daily on the fruit and vegetable market indices, so that they too are always aware of the economic performance of the products they process.

We are renowned for commercializing the best Italian products.
Strawberries, apricots, peaches and clementines of the highest quality are the flagship of the goods we sell.
We sell radishes 360 days a year with our registered trademark “Rubino”.
Veneto radicchio is another product for which we have been appreciated for the past forty years. The Veneto Region, for example, has honored us with the award for the valorization of red radicchio with the I.G.P. origin making of Veneto.

Certainly, and not only! The choice that Paparella makes is that of product safety in terms of origin, traceability and category know-how.

You can rely on us for our seriousness, precision and financial guarantee, and in any case always on condition that you can certify your production.

We offer maximum transparency to producers thanks to our procedure which provides for the automatic transmission of sales revenues to the producer.

The nearest exits to get here from the Tangenziale Est of Milan are Via Mecenate and Viale Forlanini.

We are equipped with the most modern instruments to carry out fast loading and unloading operations. With the permits that you can request in SOGEMI you will be able to use your vehicle and take advantage of one of the slots available.
Furthermore our warehouse is equipped with 3 cold rooms to store all types of goods even for several days.



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